30-Day Get Organized Challenge: Start the Decade Right

get organized challengeIts not just a new month. Its a new year and a new decade. Do you know what the most popular New Years resolution is?

Ok, its losing weight.

But a close second is getting organized!

What does better organization mean for you, your life, and your upcoming decade?


The average person spends over an hour a day cleaning and picking up stuff. Over the course of a decade, you will spend more than 4 months of your life cleaning. Better organization can help save time and spend less of your life cleaning.

We also spend about 2.5 days a year (25 days every decade) looking for stuff weve lost. Getting more organized makes it more likely that we can spend that 25 days lounging by the pool, spending time with kids, or relaxing with a good book.


From the money we spend unnecessarily on stuff to the money we spend to store it, we can save a lot of money by being more organized. Americans spend $38 BILLION a year on storage units. That doesnt count how much space we have filled at home in garages, sheds, attics, and closets or the money we spend on storage containers.


At the end of the day, being more organized is really about reducing stress in your life. Its not about perfection and its not even about imposing some organization style on you that doesnt fit or doesnt work. Its about giving you the freedom to enjoy the space you live in and the ability to enjoy the things you have.

What does a more organized home mean to you? Is it one of your New Years resolutions? If youre interested in getting organized and want to feel supported and be part of a community while you do it, were launching a 30-Day Get Organized challenge that I hope youll join.

Youre not alone in the desire to organize your life (or in the procrastination of getting there!) Working together, we can hold each other more accountable and make real progress on our goals and get organized.

Join us on the 30-day get organized challenge.

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