Dollar General Penny List 1/25

Dollar General Penny Shopping Basics:

  1. NEVER EVER EVER ask the employees about the penny list!!!
  2. Some employees dont know about it and those that do will tell you that their store doesnt offer penny items.
  3. Please always be kind to your cashiers. Sometimes you will get employees that will be difficult to deal with, but as long as you have a copy of their penny policy up and kindly show them that all penny items not pulled are available for purchase.
  4. I know this sounds cruel but CLEAR THE SHELVES!!!! If you dont the employees will remove the penny items that you left behind and all those items will end up in the trash.
  5. Please do not leave a mess! It is not fair to the employees.
  6. When hunting for penny items remember THE ITEM HAS TO BE THE EXACT SAME! SKU AND SIZE!
  7. IF YOU HAVENT ALREADY MAKE SURE YOU DOWNLOAD THE DOLLAR GENERAL APP AND UPDATE IT. There is a price scanner at the upper right-hand side where you can price check items to verify the pricing.

Dollar General Penny List 1/21/20:

No New Penny Items BUT there are some great items on discount!

Discount Items:

70% OffHoliday Plastics:

Sterilite Wreath Box Nested 1 ct. 73149974662
Sterilite Organizer Ornament 1 ct. 73149976666
Sterilite Tote 50 Gallon 1 ct. 73149489661
Houseware V Basket w handle 12.1 qt. 1 ct.430001178369
Housewares Tree Bag Storage 1 ct. 38861664697
Ezy Storage Storage Basket 5.1L 1 ct 9326265200346
Ezy Storage Storage Basket 17.3L 1 ct 9326265200308
Housewares Bow Organizer 14.5 QT Latch 1 ct 875160024032

Fall Hardware $0.25

Duck Brand Duck Tape Camouflage 10 yd 40037258274
Duck Brand Duck Tape Orange 15 yd 75353035115
Christmas Gift Sets And Hand Soaps $0.25
Chapstick Lip Balm CandyCane Tree 5 ct 305730795050
Beauty Care Hand Soap Pump Tree 10.5 oz 192040132954
Beauty Care Hand Soap Pump Santa 10.5 oz 192040132978
Beauty Care Hand Soap Pump Display 10.5 oz 192040393539
Simple Pleasure Liq Hand Soap Holiday 8.5 oz 4 ct 888273934457
Licensed Kids Fake Nails P/O Frozen 2 1 kit 719565426261
Beauty Care Face Mask Sweet Lux E/Cap 1 ct 679077118897
Beauty Care Shaped L/Balm Mask Sweet Lux E/Cap 1 ct 679077118903
Beauty Care Manicure Set Sweet Lux E/Cap 1 ct 679077118910
Beauty Care Make Up Brushes Sweet Lux E/Cap 3 ct 679077118927
Beauty Care Pumice Stone Sweet Lux E/Cap 1 ct 679077118934
Beauty Care Comb Sweet Lux E/Cap 1 ct 679077118941
Beauty Care Hand Sanitizer Sweet Lux E/Cap 1 ct 679077118958
Beauty Care Bath/Body $2 Sweet Lux PDQ 1 ct 679077009195

$0.25 Holiday Paper:

Reynolds Oven Bags Turkey Size 2 ct 10900005104
Reynolds Aluminum Foil Heavy Duty 37.5 sf 10900000246
Reynolds Paper Parchment Paper 30 sf 100900013314
Reynolds Turkey Shipper PDQ Size 1 ct 10900221368
Ziploc Storage Bag Slider Qt 16 ct 25700715184
Ziploc Storage Bag Slider Gal 12 ct 25700715177
Ziploc Storage/Frzr Bag Holiday PDQ 1 ct 25700003465
Glad Paper Plates 10 in Snowflake 26 ct 742797866604
Glad Paper Plates 8.5 in Red Tree 44 ct 742797866611
Glad Paper Bowls 16 oz Candy Cane in Red Tree 28 ct 742797866628
Glad Press N Seal PDQ 1 ct 1112587791971

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