The Orbitkey Nest Brings Desk Organization Anywhere and Everywhere

The Orbitkey Nest Brings Desk Organization Anywhere and Everywhere

The Orbitkey Nest wears a lot of hats compared to other wireless charging solutions out there, and thats because theres a lot more than meets the eye when it comes to this multi-functional travel kit aimed at the tech-laden commuter.

Think of the Orbitkey Nest as one part Qi wireless charging platform equipped for a max output of 10W across its top and another part technologists dopp kit. Housed under its leather-topped case, the Nests interior reveals a surprising amount of capacity, with loops, trays, and elastic sleeves designed to keep cords, cables, adapters, stationery, and other miscellaneous EDC items neatly in place.

A system of clever movable dividers makes the storage system adaptable to users needs, with a hardshell case exterior complemented with a foam padded interior assigned protective duties.

The Orbitkey Nest reminds us of an adult evocation of the multi-purpose Japanese and Korean stationery storage cases and organizers that once ruled classrooms throughout the 1980s with their array of pop-up pencil sharpeners and push button secret compartments. This modern day stationery organizer isnt nearly as colorful or playful, but in this day and age, both kids and adults alike are typically more concerned where to charge up rather than where to sharpen a pencil.

In sum, the Orbitkey Nest offers a tempting solution for anyone who regularly needs to travel with an assortment of small tech accessories and works from a laptop a portable desk organizer for anyone who believes in the mantra, a place for everything and everything in place.