Three Stackable Shoe Box Organizers Only $30 Shipped on Amazon | Great Quality & Reviews

Stackable Set of 3 Shoe Box Organizer

Okay, ladies! It’s time to organize our shoes! 👠

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putting boots into Stackable Set of 3 Shoe Box Organizer

Stackable Shoe Box Organizer 3-Count $42.99
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Final cost $30.09 shipped!

storage. bin for shoes in a closet

“These shoe organizers are so nice!!! They were simple to put together and totally transformed my closet. I love that they’re clear too so I can easily see all of the shoes I have stored away and I also really love that the shoes I don’t wear often will be protected from collecting dust. I think my shoes look so good in these organizers and they even gave me a new appreciation for the shoes I already had because they look THAT good!! 😊

Plus, they get mega bonus points for being stackable and even cooler, I thought I’d only be able to store one pair of shoes per box but I can easily fit two pairs of booties or heels in ONE box! I doubled my storage and spent half the cost because of it…so awesome! You will love these and so will your closet!” – Hip2Save Sidekick, Sara

Set of 2 Large Stackable Bins with Lids

Large Stackable Bins with Lids 2-Count $35.99
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Final cost $25.19 shipped!

grey storage bins in a little boys closet

“I love these canvas bins! The quality is excellent and something I know we’ll have for many years. The magnets inside feel very sturdy, yet you don’t have to pull hard on them to open the lids, which is great for kids. Even better, when I stacked them, I realized that the lid sticks to the one on top of it from the built-in magnets!! How genius! It definitely makes getting things in and out of them a breeze!

I opted to put these in my boy’s closet to store out of season clothing. They often reach for clothes that don’t go with the season so having them put away nicely but still handy for when we need them is really convenient. Not only are they convenient but they look soooo nice in their closet and totally transformed the space! They have the standard metal wire shelving and the base of these bins fits perfectly on them! I couldn’t be happier with these bins!” – Hip2Save Sidekick, Sara